Gagged Male Sub

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Published by on April 6, 2014


Gagged Male Sub


Femdom Videos, Humiliation, Trampling
Two hot mistresses are wearing sexy latex pants and outfits and they sure look real excited to have two slaves to play with. They have these two tied up with their hands above their heads and their mouths gagged with a ball gag. These two mistresses don`t waste time playing with these boys and then eagerly start using their toys on them. They first use whips to spank them, rubbing the whip all over their hot bodies every now and then. They also make sure to play with these horny slave`s cocks and balls, twisting their cocks a bit and squeezing their balls until it`s all red and raw. To tease them some more, these two mistresses decided to lap up their cocks and balls to cool down the swelling and then squeeze again until it`s raw and red. For being such good boys, their mistresses rewarded them by jerking them off until they were shooting their cums all over the place. Good thing, their mistresses were more than ready to catch their jizz with their mouths in this hot female domination scene!

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