Shocked balls, he drinks her piss

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Published by on April 16, 2014


Shocked balls, he drinks her piss


CBT, Femdom Videos
German women playing roughly with this man’s balls. He is gagged and has plastic wrap all over him including on his face. He does seem to enjoy the mistreatment given that his cock is getting hard. Now the mistress in red wears a strap-on and makes him suck it while her partner stands by stroking her own dildo. He is enjoying sucking on this thing so much that one can not help but wondering about him. Is his masochism repressed homosexuality? Seems like a valid hypothesis. The cock looks and, we assume, feels real. His cock and balls dangle through a hole in the table, wired for pain. She scolds him severely and whips him while his cock is wired for electric shock. Forced to drink one of the mistress’s piss, he is totally dominated. How fuckable are these women?

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